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Your TKDP Family

Torie Dash
Clinical Coordinator and Certified Dental Assistant

Hi everyone! My name is Torie, I am originally from the Chicago suburbs and have lived in sunny Florida for almost four years now. My husband and I are really settling in here and are expecting our first baby. We’re happy to be close to family here in Florida. I’m currently working toward my Master’s in Healthcare Management. My dream is to become a dental consultant helping dentists create systems in their business to assure success. Some of my favorite things to do include reading, playing with my dog, spending time with family, and going on adventures. I absolutely adore children and am so excited to work with them again; they bring such joy into my life. I hope to see you soon for your next dental appointment!


Jessy Guedez
Dental Insurance Coordinator

I was born in Venezuela and raised in Miami Beach, FL. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my mom, my boyfriend, and some of our closest friends. I love to play piano and make music with them on the weekends. I also enjoy drawing and painting as a way to kick back and unwind. I currently reside in Fort Lauderdale but no complaints of the distance because I enjoy what I do at The Kids Dental Practice. I am truly blessed to be part of this amazing team and working together with others to provide the best experience for all kids!

Alexandra Bailey
Clinical Coordinator

Hey there, it’s Allie! Originally a Jersey girl, I’ve been soaking up the South Florida sunshine for a fabulous 9 years. Meet my dynamic duo, Levi and Boston – my adventure buddies in life!


When I’m not cha-cha-ing through life, you’ll catch me cheering on the football field. Family and friends are my jam, and quality time with them is priceless. With 8 years in the dental scene, I’ve not only perfected my dental dance but also cherished getting to know my fantastic patients and their families.


I count my lucky stars to be part of The Kids Dental Party – an incredible team where every day is a celebration. Can’t wait to groove into your smiles soon! 


Ana Reyes
Pediatric Dental Assistant

Hola, amigos! I’m Ana, your friendly face over at The Kids Dental Practice! Proudly hailing from Cuba, I’ve been savoring the Florida breeze for four fantastic years. Meet my rockstar: a fabulous teenage daughter who lights up my world.


Hailing from a big, tight-knit family, I’ve mastered the art of laughter and love. Outside of dazzling our little patients, you’ll find me strutting seaside with my main squeeze and jet-setting for some fun escapades. Currently, I’m on a study spree at college, soaking up knowledge like a sponge.


Why join The Kids Dental Practice you ask? Because kids are my jam! Armed with oodles of experience, I’m here to sprinkle excellence in every little smile. Can’t wait to catch up with you all – hasta pronto! 

Olivia Pérez
Pediatric Dental Assistant 

Hey there! I’m Olivia, the sunshine enthusiast on our incredible team! Originally from the lively streets of Cuba, I brought my passion for beaming smiles to the sunny shores of West Palm Beach. When I’m not rocking it at the gym, you’ll find me spreading joy with my amazing family, partner, and my adorable pup. I’m all about embracing new adventures and exploring new places!


Here’s a cool tidbit: I was this close to finishing medical school in Cuba before deciding to embark on a new chapter in Florida. My heart is all in for the little ones, and I consider myself super lucky to be part of this extraordinary team. Every day, I’m on a mission to soak up knowledge, ensuring I can deliver top-notch care to our kiddos. Excited to welcome you into our world—let’s create those bright, happy smiles together! See you at the office soon.

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